Reng Var


Reng Var is the biggest trading-hub city in Sumidia. It features a large, open market in the center surrounded by bridges that lead to other districts.

People of Reng-Var

The people that are in Reng-Var are people from all over Terra. Most of the population is comprised of Shifters, but some of the traders that usually pass through end up living in Reng-Var. There is no real magistrate like in cities blessed by The Imperium but order is kept by the local mafia and its Don.

Its very easy to see the distribution of wealth by the saying “The rich live atop the poor”. It is quite literal in this sense because the closer you are to the jungle canopy, the more expensive, your house. Because the city is built into and around trees, garbage and waste disposal consists of dumping the waste over the side of the rails, sometimes landing on people or homes below.

Despite how beautiful it may look, Reng-Var is a dangerous place. There are no guards that work for the city, but people usually get along because of the “You don’t attack me, I won’t attack you” mindset. A lot of the people are pirates, mercenaries, outlaws, and gangsters. Anyone who has a good sum of money isn’t seen without an armed escort.

City Layout

Because Reng-Var is a trade city, the market is in the center and it branches to a few other districts.

Residential District

This district lies to the southeast of the market and is the second largest district in Reng-Var. The cluster of trees that this district is built on is almost completely covered with homes. The poorer residents live closer to the jungle floor, while the wealthy live close to the canopy.

Temple District

The temple district has a temple with a shrine for most of the major deities. Also there is a apothecary that works in this district preparing salves and potions for healing.

Entertainment District

This district contains a good bit of jungle cuisine as well as gambling houses, bars and brothels. This district is the least safe as it is easier to take out a drunk escort than a sober one.

Transportation District

The transportation district is the only district that has direct access to the jungle floor. There is a large elevator that is operated daily to lower down or raise up gatherers and hunters, not to mention newcomers to the city. Directly below the transportation district lies a relatively large clearing, so it is probably the safest area on the jungle floor in Sumidia. There are ferries that will take you down river to the beach where ships dock for a small fee.
The transportation district also features an old skyport, for airships, but is no longer in use due to the Techban imposed by The Imperium.

Reng Var

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